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Logos Aviation aircraft sales division works in your interest to find the best value in the resale market with all costs indentified up front. For both buyers and sellers, we provide market research and value tracking, advertising and promotional services, appraisal services, flight demonstrations, and imports and exports.

Our division also provides pre-purchase evaluations, buyer qualification services, title searches, closing assistance, contract preparation, financing, and insurance. Our maintenance, avionics and parts divisions all bring added value to clients wishing to evaluate potential aircraft or to sell their aircraft.

Our success is directly attributed to the relationship we have built with our customers. Our customers recognize they’re not just investing in an aircraft, but investing in a business which can provide continuous support before and after the purchase. Our commitment doesn’t end with a handshake – instead it marks the beginning of a new relationship.

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1992 Hawker 800SP

Hawker 800SP 1992

Aircrafts 4

Hawker 700A 1980

5N-IZY Sold

Hawker 800XP 2001

Aircrafts 2

Dassault Falcon 200 1984

Aircrafts 5

Hawker 700A 1979

Global Express 5000 XRS Pictures 2

Global Express 5000 XRS

Aircrafts 3

Challenger 601-3A 1989

Aircrafts 6

Gulfstream G3 1981





 1992 Hawker 800SP

7,631 Total Time Since New
5,632 Landings
ENGINE: Garrett TFE731-5R-1H          (4,200 TBO) Full JSSI
Left S/N: P91553                                    Right S/N: P91554
7,471.6 TTSN                                         7,436.6 TTSN
3,347.1 SOH                                           3,266.6 SOH
APU: Hamilton Sundstrand T62T-40C8D1
6,217.9 TTSN

12, 24, 48 & 96-Month inspections c/w 05/08. Structural inspections c/w 05/08.


Global/Wulfsberg AFIS
Dual Honeywell RCZ-851
Dual Honeywell SPZ-8000 5 Tube
Dual Honeywell RNZ-850
Honeywell RT-300
AiliedSignal Mark VII EGPWS
MC-800 MFD Control
Teledyne Angle of Attack- 
w/Dual Indexers
Thrust Reversers
Precise Pulselites
Forward Galley Microwave
Hitachi VCR w Forward-
Sony LCD Monitor
Honeywell SPZ-8000 IFCS/ Primus II
Fairchild A100A
Magna Star C-2000
Collins HF-230 w/Coltec SELCAL
Honeywell TCAS-II
Honeywell Primus 870
Dual Honeywell AZ-810
Dual CD-810 FMS Display
Auxilary Fuel Tank
Aviation Partners Blended Winglets
Airshow 2000
View 1

New in 2008. Matterhon White w/ 3 stripes.

New in 2008. Seashell Leather Seats, Mid-Cabin 4-Place Conference Group, Aft Cream Chenille Fabric 3-Place Divan Opposite Single Forward-Facing Chair, Seashell Leather Crew Seats W/Sheepskin Inserts.

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View 3  View 4


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Dassault Falcon 200 1984

 Dassault Falcon 200 1984 2

SN: 496

4,317 Total Time Since New
5,632 Landings
Engine Specs:

Honeywell ATF3-6A-4C (3,000 TBO)

Left SN: P21111C (Installed 04/2007): 

4,859 TTSNEW       TSO: 1140
3,955 Cycles Since New

Right SN: P20103 (Installed 08/2008):

5,073 TTSNEW       TSO: 2070
3,832 Cycles Since New

APU: Solar T62T-40C3

SN: 821751
2,752 TTSNEW

Inspection Status:

All maintenance items complete, currently undergoing a C Inspection, (delivery July 15, 2014)
RVSM compliant
Complete logbooks 

No Damage History
Avionics / Radios:

Dassault Falcon 200 1984 1

Autopilot: Collins APS-80A 

Flight Phone: Wulfsberg VI
ADF: Dual Collins ADF-60A
Altimeter: Dual IDC encoding
EFIS: Dual Collins 86C 5-tube
Compass: Dual Sperry DF-207A
Flight Director: Collins FGC-80F
Radar Altimeter: Collins ALT-55B
Transponder: Dual Collins TDR-90
TCAS: Honeywell CAS-66 TCAS-I
TAWS: Honeywell Mark VIII EGPWS
Weather Radar: Collins WXR-250 color
FMS: Dual Global GNS-XLS w/dual GPS
Hi Frequency: Collins 718U-5 w/SELCAL
Avionics Package: Collins FGC-80F / Pro Line
CVR: Fairchild CVR;
DME: Dual Collins DME-40
Navigation Radios: Dual Collins VIR-30 w/FM immunity
Comm. Radios: Dual Collins VHF-20B w/8.33 kHz spacing


White w/Red & Gold Stripes.

Year Painted: 2004

Nine Passengers Executive Seating Configuration with Tan Leather Seating, Forward Double Club,

Aft 3-Place Divan Opposite Single Club, Cabin Seats Re-Dyed & Cockpit Seats Reupholstered,

Ultrasuede Headliner; Beige Side panels, Beige Carpeting, Large Forward Galley W/Bar, Mahogany

Veneer Cabinetry, Three Tables, Entertainment Center W/VCR and Gold-Plated Accents.

 Dassault Falcon 200 1984 3     Dassault Falcon 200 1984 4


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Hawker 800XP 2001  5N-IZY Sold

SN: 258514

Total Time 5,525.3
ENGINE:Garrett TFE731-5BR-1H         
Left S/N: P107569                                    Right S/N: P107563
5,346.27 TTSN                                         5,346.27 TTSN
4082 SOH                                                4082 SOH
APU- Honeywell GTCP36-150(W), MSP Gold Plus
Total Time 4528 Hours
Inspection Status:

All maintenance items complete,

currently undergoing B,C, E and G Inspections, and

Import to USA registration


Honeywell 5 tube EFIS Systemcockpit
Integrated Electronic Checklist
Dual Honeywell AH-600 AHRS System
Dual Radio Management Unit
Comm. Radios: Dual Honeywell RCZ-833K W/ Mode S
Nav. Radios: Dual Honeywell RNZ-850
Single Honeywell KHF-950 HF System
Honeywell Primus 880 Weather Radar System
Honeywell MKV Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
Dual Honeywell NZ-2000 FMS
Honeywell DL-950 Data Loader
TCAS 2000
Universal CVR-30A 30 minute Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder
Dual Audio Panel
L-3 ADI-332B Standby Horizon
406 ELT system
Dual Honeywell Air Data Computers
Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeter
Additional Equipment:

Collins Airshow 500
60Hz Outlet in Lav.
Tail Logo Light
Cabin Equipment:

Forward and aft monitors with  airshow
Multiple disk cd player

Matterhorn White with black and red stripes.
Exterior 1    Exterior 2


Exterior 3 Exterior 4


Exterior 6Exterior 5

Interior refurbished 06/2013 Dark beige heavy duty premium leatherCabin layout: Eight (8) passenger: Five (5) single club chairs: Three (3) place divan
cabin door   entry way

view lookin aft   aft closet

lav area   view looking fwd

cockpit 2


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 Aircrafts 3
SN: 5037

Year of Manufacture 1989
Time Since New 6751.7
Landings 3598
ENGINES: GE CF34-3A                      LEFT                         RIGHT
Time Since New                                   6696.1                       6639.7
Time Since Overhaul                            919.6                         919.6
APU: Honeywell GTCP36-100

Flight System Honeywell EDZ-800 5-tube EFIS
Autopilot Honeywell FMZ-800Interior 1
Radar Sperry Primus 650
Comm Dual Collins VHF-22C (8.33 Spacing)
Nays Dual Collins VIR-32
DME Dual Collins DME-44
ADF Dual Collins ADF-62
Transponders Dual Collins TDR-94D (Mode S, Enh Surv)
Traffic Honeywell (TCAS 2 w/ Change 7)
HF Comm Dual Collins 9030 w/ SELCAL
Terrain Honeywell Mk-V EGPWS (TAWS-A)
IRS Triple Collins IRS
FMS Dual Honeywell NZ-2000 (5.2)

Honeywell DL-950 Data Loader — Aircell ST-3100 Sat Phone w/ two handsets — Artex 406 MHz ELT w/ Nav Interface — Empty Wt: 25,564.6 lbs — Fresh 12/24/36 Month Inspection c/w 9/14 —60 Month c/w 6/21/13 — 120/240 Month & Gear 0/H c/w 3/14/11 — On CAMP — Excellent Records.

Overall Matterhorn White with Ice Silver and American Blue stripes. (2006 by General
Dynamics Dallas

Twelve Passenger Fireblocked configuration arranged in forward 4-place Club, aft four-place club-group across from a 4-place divan. Seats cover with tan leather with and gloss burlwood veneer cabinetry. Galley includes convection oven, and coffee maker.

Interior 2  Interior 3

Interior 4  Interior 5

Interior 6

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Hawker 700A 1980

 Aircrafts 4

SN: NA0274

Airframe TT: 8,958.8

Landings/Cycles: 6,723
Inspection Status:

RVSM Certified
48 Month inspection due 12/17
Solar T-62T-39 APU overhauled 12/01
20-Year X-Ray inspections c/w 02/00
X-Ray inspection c/w 7/03
Engine: Honeywell-MSP Gold

Engine 1 TTSN: 8,877.7 Cycles: 6,668
Engine 2 TTSN: 8,841.7 Cycles: 6,644

TT: 2,939.9 Cycles: 5,950

ADF: Dual Collins ADF-60
Autopilot: Dual Collins APS-80
Avionics Package: Dual Collins FD-109/Pro Line
DME Dual Collins DME-40
Communications Radios: Dual Collins VHF-21B w/8.33 spacing
FDR: Universal UNS-1K w/GPS
GPS: Garmin GNS-430
Flight Director: Dual Collins FCS-80
FMS: Universal UNS-1K w/GPS
Hi Frequency: Collins HF-220
Navigation Radios: Dual Collins VIR-32 w/FM immunity
Radar Altimeter: Dual Collins ALT-55B
TAWS: Sandel ST3400
Transponder: Dual Collins TDR-90
Weather Radar: Collins WXR-250A

White with black and silver stripes

7 passenger
Tan carpet
Refreshment Equipment: Full forward galley.
Custom sliding privacy door.
Entertainment center w/aft flat-panel monitor,
Forward baggage area, aft storage closet
Lavatory: aft w/door

1980 Hawker 700A Interior-1  1980 Hawker 700A Interior-2

1980 Hawker 700A Interior-3

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Hawker 700A 1979

1979 Hawker 700A Exterior-2

SN: 257055
Airframe TTSN: 9884.8
Inspection Status:

A Check due @ 10,001.1hrs
B Check due @ 10,301.1hrs
C Check due @ 11016.6hrs
D Check due @ 12284.8hrs
G Check due @ 03/28/2016
Engine Honeywell TFE 731-3R-9H-MSP Gold

            SN        TTSN    TCSN
LH        P84132  8733.9   7745
RH       P84113  8849.7   7924
APU: Garret GTCP -30-92C

SN: P-28830
2047.7  1817.9

Collins ATC Transponder Sys Mode S TDR-94 — Dual
Collins Distance Measuring Sys DME 40 — Dual
Honeywell Ni DEECs — Dual
Collins ADF Sys ADF-60B — Dual
Collins VHF Corn Sys VHF-21C — Dual
Collins VHF Nav Sys VIR-30A - Dual
Honeywell Flight Management Sys GNS-XLS
Garmin Global Positioning Sys GNS-530A
Artex ELT CIR-11-2
Collins RVSM ST0141SE
Garmin TAWS
Bendix Weather Radar RDR 1200
Fairchild CVR 9300-A100-30
Collins Autopilot system APS 80
Collins Radio Altimeter ALT-55
Overall Matterhorn white with burgundy and gold stripes - 2010

Just released from the interior shop — 2015
7 passenger
Refreshment Equipment: Full forward galley.
Custom sliding privacy door.
Entertainment center w/aft flat-panel monitor, DVD
Forward baggage area, aft storage closet
Lavatory: aft w/door

1979 Hawker 700A Interior-1  1979 Hawker 700A Interior-2

1979 Hawker 700A Interior-3

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Gulfstream G3 1981


Aircrafts 6

SN: 336
Inspection Status:

Gear Overhauls Completed — 2014
72 Month Due — 2016
Engines Calender Due - 2017
Engine: Rolls Royce 511-8

            SN        TTSN    TCSN   TSO    CSO
LH        11085    11497    7433    4525    2463
RH        11084    11548    7464    4528    2464
APU: Honeywell GTCP-36-100G SN: P-163-C

6695     58

Fully EASA Compliant
FDS: Dual Sperry SPZ
AP: Sperry SPZ 500
COMM: Dual Collins VHF 20B
NAV: Dual Collins VIR 31A
INS: Dual Litton LTN 92
FMS/GPS: Dual Universal UNS 1D/1B+
HF: Dual Collins HF 718U5 with SELCAL
TCAS II: Collins
Transponder: Dual Collins TDR 94D
SATCOM: Aircell ATG 400 with WiFi ($1M Value )
DME: Dual Collins DME 40
ADF: Dual Collins ADF 60
Radar: Sperry Color
ELT: Artex
Updated Radio Management Units
Wired for Two Electron Flight Bags
Additional Equipment:

Safeflight Auto Throttles

White with Black/Platinum Trim

Custom Interior ($500K Value)
Configured for 14 Seats
Forward Galley & Crew Lavatory
44" TV in main cabin
IPOD Docking Station
LCD Monitor
Blue-Ray, DVD, CD with 500 GB Audio/ Video Jukebox
Surround Sound
Touch Screen Cabin Controllers

1981 Gulfstream G3 Interior 1  1981 Gulfstream G3 Interior 2

1981 Gulfstream G3 Interior 3

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Global Express 5000 XRS

  Global Express 5000 XRS Pictures 1

Airframe Specs:

Hours Since New: 2389 hrs
Cycles Since New: 617 cycles
Maximum Take off Weight: 99,500 lbs
Exquisite 13 passenger fire blocked interior with forward and aft lavatory
Engine Specs:

BMW Rolls-Royce BR710A2 Engines
#1 Engine Hours Since New: 2389 hrs/617 cycles
#2 Engine Hours Since New: 2389 hrs/617 cycles
APU Specs:

Honeywell Allied Signal RE-220GX
Hours Since New: 2265 hrs
Cycles Since New: 1490 cycles
Avionics / Radios:

Rockwell Collins SATCOM System SAT-6100
ACARS Teledyne Datalink System
Honeywell RCZ 833 3rd VHF Transciever
Flight Compartment Printer Installation
Honeywell LSZ-860 Lightning Sensor System
Head Up Flight Display System
Third FMS with Cabin Video Feed
Bombardier Enhanced Vision System
Electronic Flight Bags
Honeywell EGPWS
Quick Access Recorder
Additional Equipment:

Additional Refuel/Defuel Pannel
Logo Lights
Towbar Assembly
Sound Proofing STC Installed
L/H and R/H 3 Place Divans
Wireless Ethernet LAN
Nespresso Machine
Wavejet Microwave Oven
High Temperature Oven
EU-OPS Compliant
External Camera System
Global Express 5000 XRS Pictures 5Global Express 5000 XRS Pictures 10












Global Express 5000 XRS Pictures 9

   Global Express 5000 XRS Pictures 4











Global Express 5000 XRS Pictures 3

Global Express 5000 XRS Pictures 7












Global Express 5000 XRS Pictures 8   Global Express 5000 XRS Pictures 6












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