Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

At Logos Aviation, expertise stems from more than 20 years of experience managing all types of aircraft domestically and internationally.

Logos AviationĀ® offers a unique and comprehensive aircraft management program that combines experience, safety and reliability to provide a solution customized to your individual aviation needs. This aircraft management program is offered only to our members and it's a program uniquely designed to meet your maintenance needs worldwide. This membership offers advantages of AOG support services where ever you may be grounded.

At Logos Aviation, expertise stems from more than 20 years of experience managing all types of aircraft domestically and internationally. This proven expertise allows Logos to deliver a virtually effortless aviation experience and one that is beyond compare.

As an operator with more than a 20 year legacy, you will benefit from our experience and expertise in aircraft management. We will provide you with a program that allows for worry-free flight operations by employing, training and supervising the crew, overseeing the maintenance, monitoring FAA regulatory compliance; and providing overall support and scheduling assistance for travel anywhere in the world by our FAA-Licensed flight followers 24/7. Logos Aviation will also handle all financial accounting for your aircraft providing you with customized reporting on a monthly basis. It will be like having your own in-house flight department without the responsibility or overhead as well as the benefits of increased buying power from a world-class provider.

We manage and maintain a wide array of business aircraft ranging from turbo-prop to ultra-long range business jets and business airliners. As an FAA Authorized Part 145 Repair Station and all-encompassing service provider with multiple maintenance capabilities, we are uniquely qualified to maintain every size business aircraft.

We specialize in remote aircraft management. We have a dedicated Hawker 800A and Hawker 700A uniquely equipped to be dispatched and fly anywhere in the world to meet your AOG needs. We will fly our technicians and parts required to your location. Additionally, our organizational support structure allows you to capitalize on a worldwide selection of locations to serve as your base of operations. Currently we operate in four different continents. See our "Locations Page" for details.

The pilots and maintenance personnel hired by Logos Aviation are selected to ensure a harmonious fit. Applicants are thoroughly screened, and then presented to you for approval, as they will be dedicated to your aircraft. We require all pilots hold Airline Transport Pilot Certificates and First Class Medical Certificates. All maintenance personnel must hold a FAA Airframe & Powerplant Certificate and possess relevant experience.

Logos Aviation enjoys significant fleet discounts in the areas of pilot training, insurance, fuel, and maintenance based on our fleet purchasing power, and we pass these savings along to you.