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Nick Kyriakopoulos

Email: Nick@logosaviation.com

Alexander Kyriakopoulos

Dimitris Kyriakopoulos

Director of Operations / Europe
Email: Dimitris@logosaviation.com

Rigas Kyriakopoulos

Director of Parts and Equipment Acquisitions
Email: Rigas@logosaviation.com

Liz Kyriakopoulos

Human Resources
Email: Liz@logosaviation.com 

Wilfredo Quintero

Director of International Operations
Email: Wilfredo@logosaviation.com

Athens Greece: Stelios Keramiotis

Quality Control / Europe
Email: SteliosK@logosaviation.com

Nigeria Africa: Stavros Theodoropoulos

Director of Maintenance / Nigeria
Email: StavrosT@logosaviation.com

Avignon France: Mark Shubin

Director of Training/DPE / Europe
Email: MarkShubin@logosaviation.com

Asuncion Paraguay: Miguel Candia and Javier Omella

Customer Service / Paraguay
Email: MiguelCandia@logosaviation.com
Email: JavierOmella@logosaviation.com