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Flight Attendant Training is crucially important for those aspiring a Flight Attendant career. Any individual with aspirations of one day becoming a flight attendant without a doubt has to deal with many obstacles in order to land this particular kind of job. It cannot be argued that being a flight attendant is definitely a once in a lifetime deal. But to gain this opportunity, one has to go through the flight attendant course here at the Logos Aviation Flight Academy. Undoubtedly anyone considering a career as a flight attendant must:

A) Have a mind towards customer service
B) Love to fly

Anyone seeking a flight attendant position has to have these two most important requirements and also he or she has to be tough enough to undergo that rigorous and nerve-wracking flight attendant training course. This is a very addictive and quite unique field as a career. A Flight Attendant job is exhilarating and rewarding once you go through with your training.  Of course at times it can be exhausting. But in fact, the upside of being a flight attendant is that your experiences and qualities will allow you to handle any other job environment. Becoming a flight attendant opens your mind and expands your capabilities to more than just flying. It puts you in the running to become a customer service rep, a consultant and even a public relations officer.

But the good news is that flight Attendant training can range anywhere between 2 – 8 weeks, depending on the airlines and the types of aircraft used by them.

At the Logos Aviation Flight Academy our staff is trained and knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to groom and prepare you for those grueling interviews as well as the airline training that lies ahead prior to confirmation of the job.  There is no doubt that there are many cabin crew training facilities around the world, but none as beautiful as the locations we offer this training at. We are certified and ready to get you on your way to your career. The fact remains that there is no formal training needed to land that flight attendant job but, as any cabin crew each staff will be trained depending on the aircraft simply to suit the requirements. But, remember quality training is our number one priority and although each airline operates its own fleet of aircrafts, training is required on each type of aircraft mentioned above.

We provide all the flight attendant or cabin crew training resources required for you to make that airline interview a walk in the park.

The Logos Aviation Flight Academy’s flight attendant training program if successfully completed can offer a career which cannot be compared and is unmatched in many ways to any other career.  Also, our Diplomas have worldwide recognition not only here in the Bahamas.  After completion of the flight attendant course, we will make it our number one priority to assist with any job placement. The benefits range from the flexibility in work schedules with 12-20 days off on an average in a month.  The job also offers them various categories of unlimited benefits in travel.  In past times it was more common to see unmarried females in the field, but nowadays it is not considered so anymore. Airlines these days hire male flight attendants or cabin crew as well as those above the age of 40 since they consider age no longer to be a deciding factor.

But becoming a flight attendant can be a rewarding career but it’s simply up to you to make the timely decision. Enroll today and let us pave a brighter future for you.