Logos Aviation Flight Academy

With programs aimed to meet the needs of all hoping to achieve their goals of flying for an airline, Logos Aviation Flight Academy has all training solutions for you. We offer initial and recurrent pilot training. We are committed to excellence and designed to exceed the rigorous safety standards required. We are sure to meet the needs of all attendees and ensure top of the line training.

Why study in an uncomfortable environment when you can have comfort at your feet. Offered in two locations, beautiful sunny South Florida and the South Coast of France.  Logos Aviation Flight Academy will provide world class training while in a relaxed atmosphere. We provide training in Cabin mock-ups, firefighting facilities, aircraft slides and full size pool, our students receive training that is second to none. With our outstanding equipment, we provide training on most airline and business jets; Boeing, Airbus, Douglas, Gulf stream, Challengers, Hawker, LearJet, Citation, and many more. We have access to many full motion simulators and actual airplanes. We also train for the sea plane Grumman Albatros and Grumman Mallard. There are Four satellite facilities one in Greece, one in Paraquay, one in Bahamas and one in Nigeria that will be available to give check rides for type rating on hawker for captains and second in command.

At the Academy we offer many services catering to every training need. From private pilots to airline transport pilot including type rating for heavy and midsize jets.